Remote Control Of Your Intruder Alarm

We are pleased to announce that we have just installed a state of the art burglar alarm for one of our customers.

The alarm consisted of the following:

  1. 3 door sensors
  2. 2 pir sensors
  3. 3 pir sensors with built in cameras
  4. 2 smoke alarms
  5. Control panel with internet access
  6. 2 bell boxes

What makes this alarm special is that our customer can access the status of this alarm via an app installed on their smart phone. From here they can set or unset the alarm, receive alerts when the alarm is activated and receive images to check the cause of the alarm.

But what makes this alarm extra special is that we can remote access it and change parameters for the alarm and set it up to meet our client needs. In this case we provided an initial configuration of the alarm and allowed our client to check that it was exactly what their required. After testing, our client required a few changes that we were able to implement direct from our office.

Among many options that we can change are the following:

  • Bell box (alarm) volume.
  • Entry time to reset alarm.
  • Control of sensors which activate alarms.
  • Disconnect faulty sensors to allow alarm to activate until fault rectified.
  • Set audio alert volume of the control panel.

This drastically reduced the overall cost of installation and configuration of the intruder alarm as no call out costs are incurred. Any future configurations can be carried out from our office which negates travel to site and reduces implementation time. We can also carry out yearly tests of the alarm sensors without inconvenience to our clients and only need to attend site for physical problems with the system.

remote-access-burglar alarm

Remote access from our office to change configuration of our clients burglar alarm.


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