All our new cameras use digital technology ensuring a vastly superior image over older analog cameras. However, if you wish to utilise your existing analog cameras, they will be compatible with our new recorders (DVRs).

Resolution of Cameras explained

As with all technology CCTV cameras are advancing at a fast rate. The days of CCTV images being blurry and it being hard to determine if a image contains a person are fast disappearing. To help you choose the correct camera for your application we have added the image below to show the difference in camera resolutions (image quality).

different cctv resolutions

The first Picture is a standard Analog image, which CCTV has been using for a long time, as can be seen the number plate can not be recognised, even the badge on the car is hard to make out.

The second image is analog HD, the number plate can be recognised but the people are hard to perceive.

The third picture is TVI full HD, the car make and number plate are easily recognised and the people in the car can be easily described.

We strongly recommend that if you are choosing a CCTV system, the best option is TVI full HD, the ability to zoom in the image is also drastically improved.


Eyeball Cameras


cctv camera eyeball greycctv camera eyeball whiteOur range of eyeball cameras are available in either White or Grey for discreet monitoring of your premises.

The camera may have a fixed lens which is ideal for monitoring large areas or fitted with a varifocal lens for monitoring door ways, tills or cars etc. They contain the latest in infra-red technology which enables them to view up to 30 metres at night.

The cameras are fitted with a high resolution sensor giving a high definition quality image.






  • 1/2.9” 4 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • IR Leds: 36pcs
  • IR Range: 25m-30m
  • Power supply: 12VDC
  • Resolution:  4 MP/1080P
  • Dims: 120x86mm
  • IP rating: IP66

Bullet Camera

This camera has a similar specification to the eyeball cameras, however it has an improved infra-red (night vision) capability with viewing of up to 50 metres. It also comes with a varifocal lens as standard.Bullet Camera Grey

The camera also acts as a great deterrent due to its high profile looks.


  • Colour Grey
  • Lens 2.8 – 12mm
  • Lens Type Vari-focal
  • Megapixel 4MP
  • IP Rating IP66


Covert Camera

covert PIR cameraA tiny covert camera disguised as an alarm PIR sensor. It incorporates a small 4.2mm un-noticeable lens and is ideal for monitoring staff misconduct or criminals reconnoitring an area.








Vandal Resistant Camera

side view of vandal resistant cameraOur range of vandal resistant cameras are ideal in areas that are prone to vandalism or problems with nuisance neighbours. They have the following specification:vandal resistant cctv camera

Image Sensor: 1/3” Sony Exmor Digital Image Sensor IMX238
Lens: 2.8-12mm
IR Leds: 30pcs
IR Range: 25-30M
Power supply: 12VDC
Resolution: HD 1080P (Full HD TVI)
Dims: 145x145x115mm
IP rating: IP66



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