Why Upgrade To HD CCTV

All our new cctv installations use HD Cameras as standard. The improved image quality over standard cameras can be seen in the images below. Gone are the days when cctv images were of poor quality, the new HD Cameras give a greater opportunity of identifying criminals. Call us today to […]

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cctv camera eyeball grey

burglar caught on cctv

Thieves Caught On Camera

Thieves caught on camera returning to pensioner’s home just weeks after £14,000 stolen. SUSPECTED burglars were caught on camera returning to the home of an 85-year-old woman just weeks after she had £14,000 stolen from her property. The two men were scared off by an alarm fitted following the first […]

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covert policy

When Is Covert Monitoring Justifiable?

CCTV is one way in which employers can track the performance and behaviour of their employees in order to ensure that their business interests are protected. But as the use of CCTV continues to increase, it is important that employers are aware of and manage the associated risks. Covert monitoring […]

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mobile app

PowerMaster Interactive Visonic Mobile App

Our new mobile phone app allows you full control to arm/disarm your alarm or view your cctv images from your smart phone and much more…. With PowerMaster Interactive, you can use the Visonic mobile app to perform the following actions in near-real time: Arm/disarm the security system View updated event […]

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